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Greatest Wealth Transfer in Human History Set

Greatest Wealth Transfer in Human History
Set for March 26 2018

Someone once said that "Those Who Do Not Learn History Are Doomed To Repeat It."
Writer and philosopher George Santayana

and Isn't It Recorded in the Word of God 
that He sent Moses to Pharaoh with the 
message:  "Let My people GO!"  Ex 8:1



So Republicans see no more need to be concerned about upcoming elections?  

Check the chart below - and weep for the laziness and stupidity of Republicans and all of America 

Song Lyrics That Tell the Story....

By Anna Von Reitz

"Welcome to the Hotel California... you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave....."
Zombie-like damned souls check into the "hotel" and are trapped there forever. Sound and feel familiar? There's a reason. That's your condition prior to waking up and figuring out what the advertising agencies and your public servants have been up to behind your backs.
They've checked you into the Hotel California and left you there with the television on, indoctrinating you with "need the government" and "be afraid" and "eat more" and "buy more" propaganda on all channels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There's also a bar and a 24-hour pharmacy, and you are cordially invited to just stay there forever and drink and drug yourselves into a pile of mindless mush, so subject to your behavioral conditioning that you salivate like Pavlov's dog when you see a hamburger on the TV screen.
Cure? Turn the television off. Make conscious choices about what you watch and what you listen to and become critical of the "news" you are being fed.
Do the TV Test if you don't believe me. Divide a piece of paper into four columns. Label the top of each column with these words: Sex, Death, Sex & Death, and Other Useless Stuff. Then listen to the "Evening News" and make a hatch mark after each story you hear in the column that best describes the content.
What you will soon discover is that most of what masquerades as news falls in the first three categories, and also, that most of it has no possible practical connection to your life, so is of no use to you. So why are you listening to the crap? Do you enjoy feeling depressed, afraid, and helpless? Because that is what this "programming" is designed to do---literally.
Let's see, there's an earthquake in Ecuador....mindless madmen beheading children in the Mideast....a new wave of Bird Flue...a new giant dinosaur footprint discovered....Prince Harry set a date....bimbos for hire make accusations against Trump apparently because they are bimbos for hire....
So--- death, death, death, useless, useless and sex. And none of it that you can do anything about or profit from at all.
There are a lot of bloated, ugly, foreign criminals making Big Bucks off of you and your appetite for this mental equivalent of a Diet Coke and Pork Rinds with Extra Salt. Their advertisers are making you yearn after 18 year-old models (which is silly) and after fast cars that cost more than a decent house (which you most likely can't afford and certainly don't need) and after fast food (that gives your heart disease, cancer, diabetes....).
"So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains....and we never even know we hold the key....." -- The Eagles, "Already Gone".
I turned off the Evil Box in 1987 and let the dust settle, put a potted cactus on top of the cabinet, and use it to (infrequently) watch DVD's of my choosing.
I figured that if anything really important happened, somebody would call me up or say something. And I was right, too.
You can leave The Hotel California any time you please, but if you want to be a mindless, helpless, booze and drug and "news" dependent Zombie living in fear and depression in your own country, behaving like a well-trained dog, buying stuff you don't need, eating 10,000 calories a day, and feeling paranoid--- just be aware that it is your choice and you DO hold the key.

In this case, it's usually labeled: "On/Off".


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Alaska Assembling

By Anna Von Reitz

 Thank you for the kind words of support.  It is often a lonely battle at the start when you set out to "change the world"--- but very gradually, over the course of many years, others begin to see what you see, and as they do, it's like the process of wood catching fire..... first a spark, then an ember, and then a flame.  

What my blessing has been is first of all to have been lucky enough to have good teachers in school and out; without them, I wouldn't have been able to grasp the evidence and find the material.  The second great blessing has been the many older researchers who were on this path before me--- Howard Freeman, Jean Keating, the Informer, Mary Croft, Lysander Spooner, Douglas MacArthur-----so many, many great Americans who "saw part of the elephant" and described it from one or more perspectives, so that I, coming along a few years or decades later, was able to piece together the whole picture and actually describe the Great Fraud in a logical and documented way. 

It's the logic of it as much as the documentation that gets people in the end.  They begin to see what is in front of their faces and also what isn't there that should be, if what they are being told in the public schools is true, complete, and correct.  

Sometimes it is just a single thing that sets them off and sends them down the rabbit trail.  

I know that my journey began with just such a single incident and I still remember precisely what it was.  I was home from school for some reason, probably had the flu, and I was watching the confirmation hearings of Nelson D. Rockefeller as Gerald Ford's Vice- President on television.   Nelson D. was asked how much money he made the prior year?  He answered something outrageous like four hundred and eighty million in personal income.  Then he was asked how much money he paid in federal taxes?  And he answered----none.  After some gasping, the question was rephrased and asked again--- are we to understand that you had 480 million in personal income and you paid no federal income taxes?  Nelson D. bridled up and said something like, that's correct. None. 

And then they just went on as if nothing had happened, but something had happened.  A teenager in the Midwest had had a glimpse of the underbelly of federal fraud and a question had arisen in my mind ---- what did Nelson D. Rockefeller know that I didn't?  It was the pursuit and the long, long trail to get that answer that has led to all the rest. 

Other people have other questions unique to their lives that sends them hopping down the bunny trail.  Tragically, it's often during or after a stint in a federal or federated "state" court or prison that they wake up and realize, hey, something is drastically wrong....and they start searching, but not always finding.  In fact, seldom finding.  It has taken many years and many sacrifices by many people to dissect and nail down the Great Fraud.  It's probably twenty years since I first realized that it began with the so-called Civil War (thank you, Lysander Spooner and Ulysses S. Grant and Jefferson Davis and Mark Twain!) and all the time since has been spent ferreting out the details and developing processes to unravel the spider's web all the way to the present day. 

Perhaps the hardest thing for people to grasp is that the National Government that is supposed to be their instrumentality internationally, and under their control, has been mothballed and "held in abeyance" for 150 years, and that we have been deceitfully "represented" in the meantime by a British (and more recently French) Territorial Government hired to perform certain essential government services for us, instead. That's why their infamous Pledge of Allegiance says, "and to the Republic for which it stands".  Why would our Republic need anything to stand for it? 

It's also hard for Americans to grasp the fact that the Territorial United States and Municipal United States are literally foreign, in the same sense that Spain or Germany, are foreign, with respect to them and their country.  And it is almost impossible at the beginning to make them stop thinking and saying that they are "citizens" and re-train them to say that they are "non-citizen nationals".  

I am having some luck explaining it to them in terms of them being conscripted into the French Foreign Legion.  You have been shanghaied and press-ganged.  One morning you were an honest American Tradesman living on the land and soil of Kentucky, the next morning you woke up as a Foreign Situs Trust in the State of Kentucky. 
This has the same effect as waking up on a tramp steamer bound for Morocco.  Suddenly, you are a French soldier, obligated to serve the interests of France, wear their uniform, salute their officers, follow every jot of their military code..... In our case, we were conscripted to serve in the British Merchant Marines and never told a word about it, which has the same effect.  Suddenly, we were considered subjects of the Queen, obligated to obey British Territorial law, etc., etc., etc., 

The European powers have had quite a go of it, jerking us around, pillaging our people, stealing the value of our labor, controlling our public policies, conscripting us and sending us as gun fodder in their wars for profit, and increasingly, depriving us of the guarantees and material interests that are rightfully our inheritance. 

It's also difficult to make most Americans understand the gravity of the situation we are in right now.  With both foreign Territorial and Municipal "Government" corporations in bankruptcy, we would have been left at the mercy of international Bankruptcy Trustees named by Secondary Creditors---international banks.  We are the actual Priority Creditors, but we were asleep and they counted on us staying asleep.  The Secondary Creditors, the same international banks that engineered this circumstance coming out of the so-called Civil War, planned to take our entire country as abandoned trust property--- chattel to pay the debts of the Territorial and Municipal United States Government corporations.  

We objected and we stood up in the nick of time and it is still a pitched battle.  

There were, if I recall correctly, 37 states enrolled as members of The United States of America (Unincorporated) as of 1860.  All the rest of the states created since then have been what I called "states-in-waiting"---- which, unfortunately, includes Alaska.  These Western States had their land rolled into state trusts, for example, the Alaska State (Trust) under the control of the [Territorial] State of Alaska.  We were promised all the rights and prerogatives of a State, but because there was no competent Natioinal Congress operating after 1860, we -- like Nevada, Utah, alia -- couldn't actually be enrolled as states in the actual Union.  This places us in a very odd and dependent quasi-statehood category in terms of international law. 

Over the last few years, many thousands of Russians have immigrated to Alaska.  You see them everywhere.  That is because Russia made a claim to take back Alaska as Russian property, based on the supposed "abandonment" of our land jurisdiction and the fact that our lawful government (so far as they knew) hadn't been heard from since 1860.  They said that they were the only sovereign government having claim to Alaska, and they would have made that stick, except for the Athabascan Chief objecting, and for us, asserting my husband's hereditary office as Head of State of The United States of America (Unincorporated).  So the danger of being swallowed up by Russia thanks to legal chicanery has been narrowly averted, but that does not resolve our quasi-statehood status.  

Resolving that requires that a majority of the 37 actual states of the Union assemble themselves into a viable National Congress and officially enroll the Western States as States of the Union.  At that point, our local assemblies kick into full force and effect and we finally achieve the status we thought we had in 1959! 

Now, some Alaskans will think that this is the moment to declare Alaska as a separate country, but believe me, it is not.  We just narrowly avoided the necessity of taking Russian language courses.  This is not the time to push any luck or do anything but get ourselves organized and properly claiming our birthright political status and heritage---ready to participate in our restored national-level government, and fully educated and informed about what has gone on for the last 150 years in America and worldwide. 

I am attaching some helpful learning documents.  The first one diagrams what happened when FDR shanghaied and redefined our Trade Names as Territorial Foreign Situs Trusts, which were then considered "missing" from the public records and "presumed lost at sea".   All the resulting NAMES are attached to specific legal fiction PERSONS, that the rats have operated "in our names" for their own profit.  This is how they hypothecated debt against us and our assets without our knowledge or consent.  Unraveling their fraud requires correcting the public records concerning us, reclaiming our "missing" Trade Name and all the derivative NAMES, and returning them to the land and soil of our actual birth state.  

The actual states are called Wisconsin, Missouri, Florida, Ohio ----- they are not "States of" anything.  And many Alaskans, including myself, were lucky enough to be born in these states, so that we can immediately reclaim our Trade Names and birthright political status without questions.  However, for those born in Alaska or one of the Western States that are still states-in-waiting, it is necessary to (1) take reference to an ancestor -- parents or grandparents-- who were born in one of the actual states, or (2) go ahead and claim the land and soil of Alaska as your permanent domicile and wait for the actual statehood declaration to be complete and the enrollment finished. 

The next helpful visual aid is a series of three charts that shows how the government is supposed to be organized and how it morphed over time into what it is.  You will note that there is exactly one (1) entity that straddles the interface between the green LAND jurisdiction and the blue SEA jurisdiction ---- The United States of America (Unincorporated).  This organization was formed September 9, 1776 to be the agent and instrumentality of the colonies and later, the states.  It is the first union formed and it is still standing and is still the lawful government of this country.  It holds our side of the treaties and service contracts made via the constitution process---and when a "federal" contractor fails, the powers delegated to it revert back to The United States of America (Unincorporated).  

This is how and why we have been able to protect the states and the people despite the National level of our international service providers being mothballed and despite the bankruptcies of both the Territorial and Municipal Government corporations.  The United States of America (Unincorporated) re-issued its Sovereign Letters Patent and named new "federal" service providers in 2015.  We also successfully demonstrated that we have, as a result, a viable militia and that our American Silver Dollars are still in circulation and still viable money.  

The third helpful attachment is a pdf copy of the monograph I wrote for President Trump to being him up to speed.  People need to read it in "sound bites" as intended.  These are short "blasts" of information that you need to take in and internalize, then let those pieces take form like a jig-saw puzzle in your mind.  Most people can do this, some cannot.  For those that can organize information in this manner, this is the fastest way to gain a handle on the whole situation.  

Finally, I am including the promised simple map of the counties of Alaska, which we have re-populated and which you are in the process of assembling.  

Good luck and godspeed.  Every Alaskan needs to be fully informed and motivated to get involved in the effort to restore the lawful government and nail down the official ownership of the land and soil of Alaska for Alaskans.   I could say the same thing for every Utahan, every Idahoan, every Nevadan.....  and as for the rest of the states, we all need them to get themselves back in order and assembled, so that they can welcome us home, too.  


See this article and over 900 others on Anna's website here:




There is reported to be a 'good military' and a 'bad military' - former president obama's 'ses', the nwo and the 'bad' military have been in control and our president trump is taking them down right now !

Long before we could imagine the evil of the elite pedophile globalists of the world, they had already started locking down planet earth. They knew that humanity’s wakening consciousness would jeopardize their planetary reign so they had to find a way to imprison our minds, direct our thinking, and limit our expanding consciousness. They did it right under our noses. They did it with our own hard-earned money. 
While we were busy rearing our children and tending our families, they were quietly implementing Alinsky’s rules and Soros’ regimes. They are evil people who prey on our children, profit from our blood, rape our women and countries, and control us with their money illusions.  They don’t care about our national borders, cultural uniqueness, spiritual paths or personal liberty. YOU are THEIRS to be “farmed” any way that brings them greater wealth, longer life and wicked pleasures.
You have now awakened and realized that the nightmare is actually on the other side of your dreamy sleep. What do you do? First and foremost is to educate yourself on what has occurred since you stopped paying attention. 
The American Intelligence Media has been writing Citizens Intelligence Reports for several years now so that you can become highly informed patriots. Patriots need to know precisely who the enemy is, how they have weaponized the world, and what we can do to throw off our digital shackles.
The global 'elites' know that education is the key to enlightenment. For this reason, you will find more and more outlets for self-education becoming censored and shut down by the planetary rulers. They simply can’t have us know what is going on as there are far too many of us and too few of them.
In this Citizens Intelligence Report we want to alert you to the grave dangers of the weaponization of the internet and social media. A new technological revolution is taking place that will affect all of us. They make it sound so cool and fun - the Internet of Things - but it is nothing more than a self-imposed prison that will eventually control you 24/7 once you connect into the network.
The more you participate in the automatic information fed directly to your devices that is personalizing your news, entertainment, business and “life-patterns”, the more you will think you are free and fully informed.  Actually, you will become more and more limited by what your pattern-of-life generates as your individualized algorithms. A mechanical virtual world will be created around you that becomes your personalized digital prison that, at first, may seem like digital heaven, but later rears its ugly head of control and enslavement. By then, it will be too late for any of us to break free. 
Your new digital prison is being created every time you do an internet search, click a ‘like’ button on Facebook, type a phrase into your computer, choose something to watch on television, or speak a word into your phone. Every speck of “information” that you participate in is used to make your personalized digital life-pattern profile.
Even your bank account and everything you spend is being gathered in an NSA program called Marina [1] that knows so much about you that when you get into your car on a day you have a weekly appointment, your phone automatically pings the route and distance to your destination.
Your phone can also activate all your devices that are connected to the Internet of Things. As you approach your house with your phone, your garage door opens automatically as the lights in the house come on and the house alarm is turned off while your coffee maker starts and your TV comes on with your usual show as the heating pad in your easy chair turns on to your favorite setting.
There is no end to the “machine intelligence” support you can get from mechanically augmented reality. Now Facebook and its fake, phony, stooge inventor Mark Zuckerberg wants you to put on a 3-D visor and enter a self-created virtual reality world where it feels you are free to do as you please.


We have created this world by being lazy and not asking the hard questions—who owns and controls this technology, what is the ultimate goal of the Internet of Things, does this technology serve or enslave humanity? Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Alphabet has bragged about this new system that claims it is ‘ready to go’.
Google, somehow, morphed into a “mother company” that is named Alphabet which owns all 26 subsidiaries of Google, including the only AI on the planet called Google Deep Mind. Alphabet seems to have unlimited money and unlimited technology patents that are supported wholesale by Wall Street and the U.S. military-industrial complex.
Essentially, Google has always been owned and operated by the dark side of our military-industrial complex. Like Cisco Systems, Inc. before them, Google (Alphabet) was incubated through the U.S. Defense Advance Research Project Agency (DARPA) and the CIA’s private corporate venture capital company called In-Q-Tel. (Ask yourself how it is that a government entity can hold private companies and enjoy private profits outside of Congressional oversight, but we digress.)
Google, Cisco, Facebook, Twitter, and most other search engines and social networks all run on allegedly “open source” code given out by DARPA/In-Q-Tel to universities and corporations to develop. Open source means free to the user without the need to pay royalties or fees to the inventor or creator. Basically, whoever is able to take this weaponized open source code (with encryption back door keys already built in) and develop it for the consumer wins the military contracts.
Then Wall Street (Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase
usually) sweeps in with venture capital, and in short time values the new tech company in the tens and hundreds of billions. After that, the banks loan whatever money these companies need to buy out all their competition. These newly acquired “Silicon Valley corporate stooges” then become front-men for even more weaponized military systems. This now includes Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr and Amazon.

Whether you know it or not, what is described above is already happening on a commercial level and soon will escalate to an overt military level while the innocent internet user is lulled into believing that he is simply having fun. Since most American and global businesses have some component on the internet, the militarization of the internet can be as powerful as the threat of global nuclear annihilation. Just imagine if the internet was turned off tomorrow – permanently, never to return.
Most of what we think of as modern life would end, and many people would never recover. Economies would collapse, wars would rage, and many of us wouldn’t know what to do or what to think. Modern life would collapse because the weapon of the internet already controls modern life. The life of the pygmy in Indonesia would go on uninterrupted, but American life would screech to a halt. We might not be able to “reboot” for years. This thought begs the question, “How did we let this happen?”
“We”, the users of the Internet and all things digital, were happy to use the new technology without asking basic questions like: Who actually owns the cables the Internet travels through? Can “they” turn it off? Why was so much power given over to the internet? At this point, is there an alternative or way out of this digital?
The answers to the questions above can be given, and there is a solution to this looming problem. But first we must see the internet and all of its “wonders” for exactly what they are – weapons of mass social manipulation. When we can see the evil plans of those who have advanced this technology without the moral compass necessary to guide such powerful tools, then perhaps we can change these innovations from weapons into the information tools that they were intended to be. Information was supposed to free humanity, not imprison it in a virtual world where education is replaced by nonsensical entertainment, religion is replaced by consumerism, and the real world by virtual reality. 


Not counting the social networking technology that was stolen, taxpayers of the United States, through the CIA’s private venture capital company In-Q-tel, largely funded the open source program that became Facebook, Intel, Google, Apple, and Microsoft. These companies have weaponized these devices and systems against the citizens of the world.
In numerous articles from Americans for Innovation, the Anonymous Patriots have found unequivocal evidence that IBM’s Eclipse Foundation stole the original ideas and source code for Google and Facebook from Columbus, Ohio innovator Leader Technologies, Inc. through their patent attorney James P. Chandler III. Chandler was mentor of Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Robert Mueller, James Comey and John Podesta, to name but a few.
Chandler represented Leader Technologies, Inc. from the moment Leader realized their innovations were patentable in early 2000. But rather than file the patents immediately, Chandler suspiciously advised Leader to “reduce to practice” the invention before he would file them.
Hindsight shows that Chandler gave that advice in order to steal the actual source code when it was ready. Chandler bamboozled Leader into taking custody of a copy of the source code in 2002 which he immediately gave to the IBM Eclipse Foundation which then disseminated it to Zuckerberg/Facebook and other companies.
David J. Kappos, IBM’s attorney (who also served later as Obama’s Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office from 2009 to 2013) was also a student of Chandler at the time of the theft. This theft is one of if not the largest theft of intellectual property and trade secrets in history. It was clearly part of the the weaponization of these digital platforms.

Oregon woman arrested for cooking Chihuahua in oven

We sure have a lot of crazy people out there. Maybe it's something that's in the water.

Ken T

Your thoughts are not your own - Artificial Intelligence

“Human beings, viewed as behaving systems, are quite simple. The apparent complexity of our behavior over time is largely a reflection of the complexity of the environment in which we find ourselves.”

 Herbert A. Simon Ph.D. (1916-2001): American cognitive and computer science academic who received the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1978 and the Turing Award in 1975.

Special Report 

Throughout history “hidden giants”, virtually unknown to the world at large, have stood astride our planet directing the course of humanity—with one such modern example being the Austrian-American pioneer in the field of public relations and propaganda Edward Bernays, referred to in his obituary as “the father of public relations”, who, in 1928, published his seminal work titled “Propaganda” in which he argued that public relations is not a gimmick but a necessity—and whose findings, research and applied practices created the very world you live you today.

With a world containing “hidden giants” like Edward Bernays, I would like nothing more than to tell everyone of you that complete “free will” exists and that “your thoughts are your own”, but I’d be lying if did because the stark truth is that human behavior is 93% predictable and when something is predictable, it’s also able to be manipulated.

If you have a “normal mind” you will, of course, and predictably rebel instantly to anyone telling you that “your thoughts are not your own” and that complete “free will” doesn’t exist, but what is really occurring isn’t a rebellion of what I’m saying, it’s due to your experiencing “cognitive dissonance”,  the psychological stress experienced by a person who simultaneously holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas or values.

As an example, if “your thoughts are really your own” and complete “free will” exists, then how can you explain to yourself the 2010 peer reviewed scientific findings of a group of leading Northeastern University scientists, led by distinguished Professor of Physics Albert-László Barabási, concluding that despite the common perception that our actions are random and unpredictable, human mobility follows surprisingly regular patterns  that human behavior is 93% predictable?  After all, to accept one and reject the other isn’t possible for a “normal mind” to do as science can’t simply be rejected because one doesn’t like what it finds.

Building on these 2010 findings that human behavior is 93% predictable, five years later, in 2015, a presentation was made at the IEEE Data Science and Advanced Analytics Conference in Paris by MIT researchers titled “Deep Feature Synthesis: Towards Automating Data Science Endeavors” whose findings showed that an algorithm can predict someone’s behavior faster and more reliably than humans can.

Though the vast majority of you reading my words today have no knowledge of how far advanced the field of study into human behavior has become, the same cannot be said of world governments — most particularly in the United States where the CIA has created a new “social media” paradigm as a tool that they’ve deployed through their global surveillance, rebranded as “social media”, technology giant Facebook, and its equally all powerful military-intelligence counterpart Google

To why the CIA and other such intelligence agencies around the world is so interested in human behavior is due to their seeking to create compliant, obedient to authority non-thinking consumer drones and one of whose first known experiments to accomplish this was done in 2012 when Facebook conducted its infamous secret “mood experiment” wherein their data scientists skewed what almost 700,000 Facebook users saw when they logged into its service.  

Some people were shown content with a preponderance of happy and positive words; some were shown content analyzed as sadder than average, and when this “mood experiment” was over, these manipulated users were found to be more likely to post either especially positive or negative words themselves.

In 2017, the success of this “mood experiment” led to Facebook to secretly inform its advertisers that it had the capacity to identify when teenagers feel “insecure”, “worthless” and “needed a confidence boost  while, at the same time, these “social media” human behavior manipulators ignored the findings showing that more millennials reported losing money to scams in 2017 than senior citizens.

To what has happened in the past and is happening now as it regards “social media” human behavior manipulation pales in insignificance to what is being created now—an “artificial intelligence” (AI) controlled society that will forever alter what it means to be human. 

The outright fear and abject terror of what is occurring to create this new AI controlled society has led to two of today’s “hidden giants” you’ve never heard of to begin sounding dire warnings  and who are the global technology genius-giants Chamath Palihapitiya and François Chollet.

As the former Executive Vice President for user growth at Facebook, Chamath Palihapitiya has warned that Facebook and Google are “surveillance states” not “social networks—with Facebook now being engaged in “ripping human society apart” with their mind chemical altering tools that “destroy the social fabric of how society works”.

Echoing the terror of Facebook’s former top executive Chamath Palihapitiya is the global technology genius “hidden giant” and one of Google’s top AI researchers in the world, François Chollet, who this past week acknowledged his fear of what comes next and pleaded with AI researchers to “show some conscience” and refrain from helping Facebook develop its human manipulation system any further and whose words of warning should be seared into everyone’s mind:  

The world is being shaped in large part by two long-time trends: first, our lives are increasingly dematerialized, consisting of consuming and generating information online, both at work and at home. Second, AI is getting ever smarter.

These two trends overlap at the level of the algorithms that shape our digital content consumption. Opaque social media algorithms get to decide, to an ever-increasing extent, which articles we read, who we keep in touch with, whose opinions we read, whose feedback we get.

Integrated over many years of exposure, the algorithmic curation of the information we consume gives the systems in charge considerable power over our lives, over who we become.  By moving our lives to the digital realm, we become vulnerable to that which rules it -- AI algorithms.

If Facebook gets to decide over the span of many years which news you will see (real or fake), whose political status updates you’ll see, and who will see yours, then Facebook is in effect in control of your political beliefs and your worldview.

This is not quite news, as Facebook has been known to run since at least 2013 a series of experiments in which they were able to successfully control the moods and decisions of unwitting users by tuning their news feeds’ contents, as well as prediction user's future decisions.

In short, Facebook can simultaneously measure every thing about us, and control the information we consume.  When you have access to both perception and action, you’re looking at an AI problem. You can start establishing an optimization loop for human behavior - a RL loop.

A loop in which you observe the current state of your targets and keep tuning what information you feed them, until you start observing the opinions and behaviors you wanted to see.

A good chunk of the field of AI research (especially the bits that Facebook has been investing in) is about developing algorithms to solve such optimization problems as efficiently as possible, to close the loop and achieve full control of the phenomenon at hand. In this case, us.

This is made all the easier by the fact that the human mind is highly vulnerable to simple patterns of social manipulation.  While thinking about these issues, I have compiled a short list of psychological attack patterns that would be devastatingly effective.

Some of them have been used for a long time in advertising (e.g. positive/negative social reinforcement), but in a very weak, un-targeted form.  From an information security perspective, you would call these “vulnerabilities”: known exploits that can be used to take over a system.

In the case of the human mind, these vulnerabilities never get patched; they are just the way we work. They’re in our DNA. They're our psychology.  On a personal level, we have no practical way to defend ourselves against them.

The human mind is a static, vulnerable system that will come increasingly under attack from ever-smarter AI algorithms that will simultaneously have a complete view of everything we do and believe, and complete control of the information we consume.

Importantly, mass population control -- in particular political control -- arising from placing AI algorithms in charge of our information diet does not necessarily require very advanced AI. You don’t need self-aware, super intelligent AI for this to be a dire threat.

So, if mass population control is already possible today -- in theory -- why hasn’t the world ended yet?  In short, I think it’s because we’re really bad at AI. But that may be about to change.  You see, our technical capabilities are the bottleneck here.

Until 2015, all ad targeting algorithms across the industry were running on mere logistic regression.  In fact, that’s still true to a large extent today -- only the biggest players have switched to more advanced models.

It is the reason why so many of the ads you see online seem desperately irrelevant.  They aren't that sophisticated.  Likewise, the social media bots used by hostile state actors to sway public opinion have little to no AI in them.  They’re all extremely primitive.  For now.

AI has been making fast progress in recent years and that progress is only beginning to get deployed in targeting algorithms and social media bots.  Deep learning has only started to make its way into news feeds and ad networks around 2016.  Facebook has invested massively in it.

Who knows what will be next.  It is quite striking that Facebook has been investing enormous amounts in AI research and development, with the explicit goal of becoming a leader in the field.  What does that tell you?  What do you use AI/RL for when your product is a news feed?

We’re looking at a powerful entity that builds fine-grained psychological profiles of over two billion humans, that runs large-scale behavior manipulation experiments, and that aims at developing the best AI technology the world has ever seen. Personally, it really scares me.

If you work in AI, please don't help them. Don't play their game. Don't participate in their research ecosystem. Please show some conscience.

Though Google’s top AI researcher François Chollet’s dire warning must be heeded, it still must be remembered that his global technology giant is the world’s biggest censor that maintains at least nine different blacklists that impact our lives—and who, over these past few weeks, has joined with Facebook to purge thousands of alternative news websites from existence—with Facebook going even further by destroying mainstream media news websites, too.

With thousands of news websites being destroyed to such an extent that mainstream news outlets are undergoing massive layoffs, free news” is fast becoming extinct as struggling US news organizations are increasingly keeping their content behind a paywall to make up for lost revenues from print advertising—and whose “news void” for the masses will then be filled by the world’s biggest censor Google who just announced it’s spending $300 million in a new initiative to support “high quality journalism”, “monitor elections” and “control misinformation.

To those of you choosing to ignore these “hidden giant” warnings of a deliberately controlled plot to “rip human society apart”, thus leaving global technology giants like Facebook and Google to control your every thought and action, I can only warn you that you are willingly participating in humanities doom. 
For all others, though, I’d like to present you with an alternative—START supporting those few of us left battling against these monsters!

Remember, that as long a single candle of truth remains burning in world quickly turning to darkness, HOPE and FREEDOM still have a fighting chance. 

As long as there have been human beings on this Earth, these demonic monsters have always sought to destroy us, but though our numbers may be few, we remain undefeated because we KNOW that TRUTH always wins and is why we aren’t ruled by evil kings and emperors any more, or Hitler’s Nazi’s and Stalin’s Communists aren’t controlling the world like they wanted to or any of the other numerous manifestations of demons that for centuries have tried to enslave the entirety of humanity. 

Granted, our Lord did warn us that in these times our numbers would be few—but didn’t He also promise that we would be enough?

So in finishing, my sincerest hope right now is that YOU support those of us on and behind the lines of this war that with each passing day is nearing closer to your door, and that we’re ceaselessly laboring beyond exhaustion to keep it out—with your never forgetting our Lord’s words “For many are called, but few are chosen.”—and which I know that you are one of, even it you don’t know this fact for yourself.